Truth: For the Hard Places Verse Cards

Truth: For the Hard Places Verse Cards


“Truth: For the Hard Places” was born from the need for truth and hope during difficult seasons. Lee Cordon, editor and owner of Do Say Give, found the truths in this piece to provide great hope and comfort in her own life.

Each verse was chosen while thinking and praying over moms who are on bedrest or with children who are ill, but we soon found the verses can provide hope for anyone going through a hard time. A short version of each verse is surrounded by colorful illustrations on the front of each card, with the full verse featured on the back for deeper reflection.

Each set comes on a ring so they can easily hang on the outside of a tote bag, on the side of a hospital bed rail, or in the drawer under a NICU incubator. The idea was to create something moms could easily pull out and pray over their children or loved ones anywhere.

As these are designed for hospital environments, each card is printed on vinyl and then laminated, making them easy to sanitize with wipes or spray.


  • 12 4” x 4” Hopeful Verses

  • A ring containing all verses, allowing them to remain together and hang in many environments

  • A lovely bow, for extra cheer in the hard places

  • Each card is printed on vinyl and then laminated, for easy sanitation

“Truth for the Hard Places” developed in collaboration by Oliver Hooper Paper and Do Say Give.

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